Friday, February 12, 2016

This is a little hymnal

that is horizontal instead of vertical...
It's a shaped note hymnal and the hymns are listed by TUNE instead of TITLE
And I must confess that I really don't know many of the hymns inside...
I picked it up at a thrift store [of course!] and thought it would
be perfect as faith based art journal -- 
Y'all know I don't like to add a lot of bulky things to my Bible Journaling 
[a personal preference.] 
But anything goes in my art journals ---
So I've really enjoyed some of the things I've ordered 
from Illustrated Faith and Bella Blvd.
Just a note: to make these pages thick enough to hold paint, etc. 
I usually gesso or mod podge a couple of pages together...
[That's wax paper in between keeping them from all sticking together!]
Sometimes I go through and do the entire book at one time, but usually I just 'glue' a few pages together whenever I'm working on a journal page.
This little book is a favorite!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

If I must tell the truth

I will say that this is the fourth [or fifth] Minnie hat I’ve knitted. 
The first one was much too big [using the ‘small’ size of THIS pattern…
On the second one I had the red / black mis –proportioned 
[I tried to take it out and ended up so frustrated that the scissors came out…
Yep.  I’m patient like that.] 
If you’re knitting the extra-small and it should be a total of 5.5 inches before starting the decrease, the red should only be3.5 inches to get the look of mine. 
[Hope THAT makes sense. Ha.]
 On the third hat my stiches got twisted on the needles
[knitting in the round is fun, but you’ve got to watch things a bit – lol.] 
However, I WAS able to take that one out a bit – and knitted it all on four needles - 
It’s the one I finally finished for me. 
[Ears are crocheted {two for each ear} and stitched on. The bows were knitted and stitched on – I crocheted around my bow to give it a finished look.] 
 And, boy was I glad I had it during our trip because the first day or so was COLD.
After FINALLY finishing one that I liked
I started one for the little one in my life. I sized the pattern down to xxs and knitted it in the round [SO FAST!] I actually finished the ears on the plane… 
[so yes, you  can take needles and safety scissors on board…] 
I stitched the last ear on while waiting for dinner after our first adventurous day in Legoland. I’m not sure she loved it – but I sure think it’s cute… 
And her mama might wear it if she doesn't!

Monday, February 8, 2016

So --- I’m not new to the planner business –

 I’ve kept one to keep my life on track for over 30 years now – 
I call it my cal-en-dar.
       I’ve been a little bit resistant to this new planner craze,
but finally decided I could incorporate some of the goodness into what works for me.
[This is the weekly section when we traveled last month  -  Mickey was a tip in with lots and lots of notes on the back. I loved using disney washi tape 
and project page cards to add to the look -]
I've always put little bits and pieces of things in my calendar to give it a little happy
... and added in photos to keep my family close to my heart... 
And it was color- coordinated way before the boys were born - 
This just helps me see at a glance who might have an activity for that date
But now that I've been inspired to take it up a notch by the recent planner trend 
I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy it -  
KittyLou and I sit together each Sunday evening and plan our week –
But really, why am I surprised? – 
I’ve always set aside Monday mornings as ‘free time’ 
to gather my thoughts and plans for the work week –
But now that I'm 'officially' in the planner craze 
[I get A KIT, y'all!!] 
I decided I needed dedicated Planner Supply Storage – 
where everything is all together. 
I'm loving this skinny train case -
Let's be honest, I have no inclination or time to have more than one planner 
so this is primarily a schedule of my life to keep me on track - 
It is not a journal or a scrapbook.
[Those are completely separate hobbies for me.] 

This is the inside cover where I have my quote for the year - 
I did this last year and loved seeing it throughout the year...
 And after a few weeks, I finally have a plan [ha] for my planner that works for me –
 I chose this one because it has a couple of blank pages 
between the month and week sections –
 A 'dashboard' for each month if you want to use the trendy lingo...
This is where I put:

 my Monthly Quote [seen on the blog - goes with my yearly theme...]
 / other quotes that inspire me


"Good Things"
[On-going list of the best little things in my life each day.]

Blog Schedule / Planning
[under a photo]

and Themed Embellishments
 I enter:

Appointments – color coded as I’ve always done

Bi-weekly memory / mediation verses
[I did this last year and it really helps me to have them 
in a place that I see each day.]

and D├ęcor to fit the theme / activity

On my WEEKLY PAGES pages I put more detail on the date for appointments – 
Again, color coded [and possibly embellished a bit.]

I also have a few tip-ins:

Bi –weekly cleaning schedule that I can check off 
[- I love a good check list, don’t you?]

Cards / sticky notes for work tasks

Cards / sticky notes for personal tasks
I'm using pocket page [scrapbook] cards for these...


- On the back of one of these cards I record my weight and calories / exercise 
for each day – shhhh...
and behind the other I have a list of meals I know I have ingredients to prepare...

I also add in stickers / photos / cards / other things that make me happy.

[So sorry for the blurry photo --]

I've also added a tassel that I made just for fun [although, it's a little annoying and may not be there for the long haul...] and a ring where I'm putting my little cards of my bi-weekly scripture mediation - I can see where this may become too bulky 
and may have to be sorted quarterly.]

But this is working for me , for now. .
Maybe check back in six months... and we'll re-visit what it looks like then - lol.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Right Here - Right Now

February 5, 2016
Having a discussion with friends about holiday decorating...
and how easy it it to buy too much stuff when we see it on sale...
Trying to simplify things around here,
but couldn't resist this metal sign at 
Michael's' Saturday Sale a few weeks back...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It’s been a long time since we’ve been to Disney [or anywhere!] with a seven year old...

and it was fun. 
Some of you know that we spent last week in Florida with my brother, 
sweet sister-in-law , and their little one… 
And this post will share some highlights – 
Warning: it is photo heavy.
Day 1: Travel – we flew; they drove. 
Y’all, I’m just not the best car passenger and my sweetheart and I have finally figured out that if we can avoid long car trips my anxiety will be better. 
It was nice to trade snow for sunshine and WIND. Ha.

My super-shopper had finagled our tickets so that we had a couple of extra days in the parks for only $30 so we headed to Hollywood Studios and enjoyed a few things, including a meal at Fifties Prime Time [a first for us – thumbs up.] 
We also took the time to watch Beauty and the Beast – something we haven’t done in years, and it was just as good as we remembered. 
[And of course my sweetheart rode tower of terror a few times…]
Days 2 and 3: LEGOLAND Florida with the little one. 
Who knew there were Lego characters? 
MK knew – and she LOVED them. 
It was so fun to see her eyes light up as she interacted with them.
There were so many fun things to do – all made out of Lego bricks! 
The horsenado!
 Merlin's roller coaster!
And so much more! 

There were even lego bricks floating in the pool!
[photo cred: mom]   

It was a nice [not so] little park to start off with -
Day 4: They headed to Universal for some time with Harry 
while we had a lazy start to our day and spent the evening at Epcot… 
 We had dinner in England – fish and chips and bangers and mash – both delicious! 
And we ended our day watching the magic kingdom fireworks 
from our off-site room. Fun!
Day 6: Animal Kingdom.  
A bust. 

The rain was horrible – everyone was tired and the little one was DONE. 
[See her behind us - ]

 We saw these beautiful macaws, rode dinosaur, and walked a bit … 

then Donald saved the day at lunch as MK shared over and over how much she enjoyed seeing him get stuck in the wall during the Mickey’s Philharmonic show.  
 It was fun to see Mickey ready for a safari too - 
After lunch we watched The Lion King [always a favorite!] and called it a day.  
I think we all needed a break to just relax a bit.
Days 5 and 7: Magic Kingdom. SO FUN. 
The first day was a little rainy so there were no crowds at all 
and we enjoyed all of our favorite places. 
Loved seeing MK enjoy Dumbo, giggle through Mickey’s Philharmonic, decide just exactly where we would each sit to ride Pooh the second [or third?] time…
And we especially loved hearing her interact with Ariel [her favorite princess] –
 “Oooo, Ariel – your fin is so glittery… then wrapping Ariel’s hair around her finger… 
your hair is beautiful – how do you get it so curly?"
And she LOVED meeting Pooh during lunch! 
And Tigger and Piglet and Eeyore too!
We did too - 
 I hope we never grow up!
 We watched a couple of parades while we were out and about - 
something we haven't done for years... 
The colors were bright and fun!  

One of the best things was when we found ourselves standing inside 
the circle of fireworks by the carrousel.  
They started while we were on It's a Small World 
[it sounded like they were exploding off the roof!]
So we rushed out to see them - 
I think it is the best place to really EXPERIENCE them!
Speaking of fireworks --
BEST MOMENT NOT RECORDED ON FILM: MK sitting in Craig’s lap watching the 
 magic kingdom fireworks from our room on property…  
Saying in her softest voice, “Look at that one…” ‘Beautiful,” 
“Oh my gosh, look…” "So pretty..."
Day 8: Up bright and early to pack for home 
[it was neat to see two monorails parked at our hotel.] 
We had a luau breakfast with Lilo and Stitch before we headed home. 
And y’all know our girl loves a luau. 
It was a  wonderful end to a magical adventure. 
Much thanks to my brother and sis-law for letting us tag along! 
Thanks for putting up with my bossy schedule [and snoring – 
I may need to explore the possibility of the c-pap afterall…
I'll always remember that sweet sleepy voice, 
"Aunt Judy - please stop making that noise..."]
Y'all know we love Disney -
but the best thing about this trip was just
having the time to talk and share and really BE together. 
Good times - 
Go here to see more photos and hear MK's take on the trip -