Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We had our 'last' art group meetiing

 this month at my house -

[We'll have an artist-date type meeting in December where we'll finish up our Bible Study at a cute little cafe by the river and then shop the local antique and thrift stores...]
I love God's timing - this month our study talked about bringing our creativity to God... 
being thankful for what He has given us -
 and how we are made differently, yet, 
we can pull our strengths together in a mighty way --
And since we've had a 'thankful tree' in our house for as long as I can remember I thought it would be fun to create a canvas [yes! we moved up from our journal cards!] based on this one [on the left] that was inspired by Christy Tomlinson's class a few years back - 
I did the pink one during our meeting this month - 
But I was so inspired by the ones the others created, I wanted to put one in my art journal for the class as well.... 
[you can see it closer at the top --]
Then... while I was traveling for work 
[and I've done a bit of that lately - ha], 
I saw these prints in my hotel room 
and thought I'd put my spin on it for the other page in my book.
Not exact, for sure! 
But still, I think you can see the inspiration - 
And I've so loved creating in my art journals 
these past couple of years - 
creating with no expectations of perfection - 
just expression... 
and creative learning.. 
and gathering my thoughts together ...
What kind of things inspire you when you create?  

Monday, November 24, 2014

There are so many things

 I could say -

But I'll keep it short and say that 
I am so glad Craig has been my partner through life!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart - 
You'll always be the love of my life 
and my best friend.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Back in the day

[when we had our on-line kit company] 
I started a Yahoo Group - 
and we had a core group that was pretty active -
We shared together, not only our scrapbook pages, 
but bits and pieces of our lives as well...
and then, as groups do - 
people began to move on - 
[the average life a group, therapeutic, or otherwise is about five years --]
putting their time and talents into other pursuits 
So we moved the group to Facebook 
as many of us were migrating our social activities that direction -- 
But maybe FB has more distractions - or it was the time / group growth facter, we've just had the same closeness as we had before...
All that to say - I miss the interaction of that group - 
I miss hearing how my friends far and wide are doing ---
and I miss the scrapbook challenges we used to have - 
Old-School Challenges that start out like this:
with a list of [random] things to be included on each layout -- 
 and morph into our own sketches and then into layouts --
[well, it's possible that not everyone does a sketch - ha 
-- and my disclainer -- my layouts don't always end up like my sketch, 
look around this post and you can see what I'm talking about -  ]
So a few months back I dug deep into my psyche [ha] and put together a crop for us --
And when, I'm saying 'old-school' 
I mean being challenged to use EYELETS and staples [oh my!] 
and other scrapbook embellishments on our pages.
We only had a couple participate in the challenge -
 but I sure enjoyed it - 
and completed TEN layouts last week - FUN.
- These are some of the ones I did -
And yes...
I ***may*** be getting on the
 project life / pocket page 
scrapbook band-wagon.
Time will tell --
It's really not so different from the two-up albums 
I've created through the yeas for vacation albums...

Monday, November 17, 2014

I know I lead a full and wonderful {to me} life

... but it's been CrAzY busy these last few months -
Sometimes I look at the calendar and wonder - 
And mid-November at that!
Any of you feel that way too?
So - in the midst of the craziness, 
I am determined to be intentional about enjoying each day 
throughout the holiday season -- 
I don't want to rush through Thanksgiving ... 
or Christmas....
despite my accelerated work travel -
I want to breathe...
and enjoy every moment -

Friday, November 14, 2014

Here's another favorite photo

from our recent camping trip -- 
 I've loved those colored acorns I see every year for a while now... 
But they're either too expensive, or just not in the right colors...
So when I saw a little packet of orange-toned ones
[ON SALE at Stein-Mart]
a few weeks back
I picked them up, knowing I could add a little paint 
and make them work for me.
I painted them one afternoon while Craig was watching ballgames 
[yes, we truly rough it - dontcha know - ha]
I painted a third of them purple... and a third green... 
leaving the orange ones to blend it all together...
[I admit it - my house is mardi gras colors --]
Note: These are NOT real acorns, 
though, I suppose you could do this with them 
[if you hot glue the caps on!] 
These are little bits of wood SHAPED like a acorn 
with real acorn caps glued on - 
I'm thinking they will last longer this way...
I  plan to put them in a little hanging vase 
I have  over my sink so I can enjoy the goodness of fall, 
even inside my house!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I loved the rustic look of this wreath

from the first time I saw it over on
SO I knew I wanted to make one of my own.
My sweetie cut the ZERO out for me from wood left-over from another project -- 
[I think they used heavy-duty cardbaord --[
Then I gathered sticks from the yard - 
AND made about 24 little pompoms with a large meat fork -
All of this was setting at the house waiting for me for a couple of weeks 
So -- I knew it would be a great project to take camping with us -
I packed up the trusty high-powered glue gun, 
along with extra yarn [and the fork] in case I needed more 
and put it all in the RV with the ZERO and the gathered sticks...
Then late one afternoon I set to work on the table just outside our door - 
I started with the bigger sticks  on the four right angles and 
added shorter and smaller sticks to fill in...
I had to gather more twigs from around our campsite
Then I glued on the pom poms to cover the ends - 
I think it looks kind of like cotton, do you?
This is it - hanging near the RV door - 
[OF COURSE we took it down before we traveled - ha.]
And this is theirs - 
You can find complete instructions at the link at the top of this post --
I love how mine turned out - 
even if it doesn't look just like theirs -
It's a fun, easy to do, wreath for the fall!

Monday, November 10, 2014

We had a little get-a-way

this weekend - and oh! 
How I needed it!
My work life has been CrAzY - 
... with travel plans made and cancelled and made again...
And again and again --
And again...
It was so nice to get away from all of that and 
be outside to enjoy God's glorious fall paintings!
I know that everyone doesn't love fall -  
But oh, my! 
I sure do!!
I love the woodsy smell of decaying leaves going to sleep for the winter...
I love the colors that God paints wide and 
wild and wonderful for us to enjoy!!!
And I love having the time to slow down 
and 'just be' with the love of my life
 with no agenda, 
exploring the area around us...
I mean, really - who wouldn't love a man 
who takes care of the tiny dog?
[Can you see her?
She has on her leopard print coat,
so she may be camouflaged just a bit - ha]
We went over to Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia 
and it was gorgeous! - 
We were concerned that we might have 
missed 'the color' by a couple of weeks - 
But really, I think we hit it at just the right time - 
The dropping temps this week will surely make the leaves drop as well -- 

We walked the paved walking trails one afternoon...
and enjoyed the hiking trails the next...
Our theory - a walk is on a paved trail and a hike is not...
a walk has guard rails...
and a hike might not - 
[All straight-out-of-the-camera shots --]

Friday, November 7, 2014

Favorite Photo Friday --

Here's a little photo from childhood --
 I always did love that little black printed dress.
I'm sure my Mama made the entire outfit -
She was an excellent seamstress!
[re-vamped at PicMonkey - free on-line!]

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Y'all know I gave up perfectionism

a while back,
1986, to be exact. Ha.
Here's a little art journal page I did last month.
[Inspired by Mindy Lacefield.]
I kind of love it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Last month we took a few days

to meet up with family and friends at the Happiest Place on Earth.

We LOVE Disney.
Of course, we had a date with the Main Mouse too!
We did the traditional 
ride-the -monorail-the-night before-going-into-the-parks
And while the Magic Kingdom was closed 
due to capacity crowds that day - 
The monorail was strangely empty...
And Craig timed it EXACTLY right so that we 
could see the fireworks as we went around Epcot.

And we had a great time being with our boys and their gals.

It is a great joy in life to see your children happy.
It's fun to have girls in my life! 
And they're always sweet to join in on my photo-op shenanigans!
[Craig picked up the Minnie Ears at Unclaimed before our trip -]

We also enjoyed meeting up with our sweet friends 
whom we’ve gone to Disney with MANY times throughout the years. 
 – odd to be there together and not have boys to herd. 
But still fun in a new way.

There was LOTS of fun things about this trip 
– free rooms [due to all my points from work travel – yay!] 
– valet parking [YES.] 
and lots of good food: 
Artist Pointe, food & wine festival – Liberty Tree – France – 
and breakfast at the Polynesian 
[and I wonder why I’d not lost a pound despite all the walking?!?]   

A trip to Disney is just not complete until you've gone through 
It's a Small World [afterall] 
with one of your best friends - 
And taken a whirl in the teacups, of course!
[my favorite ride]
I'll admit Matt gave me a spin I won't soon forget ---
But the problem with Disney this year was 
Oh. My.

Even at the Not So Very Scary Halloween Party 
there seemed to be wall-to-wall people. 
[AND mosquitoes - truly.
I've been to Disney MANY MANY times 
and have NEVER come away 
with mosquito bites, 
even when we camped.]

Don’t get me wrong – 
we had a blast,
 as we always do, 
but, gracious… times have changed. 

Even the boys noticed it.

Still, we had such a good time - 
the Halloween Party was awesome, despite the crowds.
- I'd hoped for a group photo, 
but these two were stuck on Pirates 
[almost had to walk off, how cool is that?!]
So I'll probably be 'shopping' the two together
 before I print it for the scrapbook - ha.
All in all, it was a great trip 
- and I'm sure we'll be back in a few years -
 in January, when the kids are all in school [no fall-breakers] 
and the weather is cool.
We can never stay away for more than a few years...