Friday, October 2, 2015


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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I've given up sugar this month

and it's been so much harder than I thought it might be --
You see, I've eaten a pretty substantial amount of sweet stuff since Easter 
[it just keeps being brought into the house -
 and it's something we need to only eat occasionally 
and NOT every day!!]***
I've gained a little weight because of it and I've felt like a SLUG.
Sugar zaps my energy so quickly!
So I did it - cold turkey -
and I was amazed how much I just CRAVED it - even when I wasn't hungry... even when there was nothing to trigger it [TV, magazine article, FB recipes - ha]
But it was also amazing how SWEET fruits begin to taste to me!
[I even ate a plate of watermelon one day - something I rarely ever do - ha.]
Ice cream is something I missed --  so when we had some over-ripe bananas one night I blended them up with just a bit of cream and popped them in the freezer.
Easy-peasy recipe and so - so delicious. 
It made enough for three servings...
I've seen a pumpkin one floating around FB that is just pumpkin, bananas, a little spice, and sweetener... that may be my next one to try...
*** I want to be clear that I have NOT given up sugar for life - but I do need to cut way back on how much I eat so I committed to not eating it for three weeks straight....

Monday, September 28, 2015

We don't take the time

to camp nearly as often as I'd like to so it's always a treat to get 
"away from it all" for a weekend. 
Of course these days we stay pretty connected to the real world with the internets...
Still it's fun to be out in nature a bit more than we are at home.

I had every intention of playing with a little art.. but instead, 
spent the weekend with this book...
It was good  - 
I'll admit that I skipped some of the history parts - but thought it was great 
and the movie represented it well!
 We so enjoy camping up in Lawrenceburg 
where you're more likely to see this than not... 
And where you can get some of the BEST Peanut Brittle ever! - 
Since I've set a goal to not eat sugar for three weeks I didn't get any, 
but I thought of my mama, because she sure loved Amish Peanut Brittle...
[Love how the community comes together regardless of lifestyles.] 
So it was a relaxing weekend with breakfast on The Square ...
I love the old buildings [and original tin ceiling tiles!]
...leisurely walks along the country side
[we didn't see any deer this time!] 
...and sitting around the campfire, 
where  we actually watched the first 
Mickey's Boo to You Halloween parade and fireworks show LIVE.
[Yes, we love technology.] 
I'm not sure if they're broadcasting live during every 
Not So Very Scary Halloween Night - 
But it's worth a google, if you want to have a front row seat!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I wnated to share a little

3x4 pocket card I made for a scrapbook event I'll be attending this month - 
We have a FB Group that's brought us all together
And one gal in the group thought it would be fun to swap theme cards with each other - 
I like this idea because [hopefully] we can use them in our own albums as we scrapbook photos from the event - And they should all be two-sided so they can be seen front and back in pocket albums...
I used a photo I took when we were in Vegas a few years ago [shopped it up a bit to get rid of all of the electrical wires - ha] and added a little 'bling' to the sign...
On the back I scanned one of my little 'alice' art pieces and put it on a dictionary page, scanned it again, and added the words [our theme for the weekend] in my photo shop program.  I also outlined each one with a thin black marker.
I think they're pretty cute... 
but am still worried they won't be 'worthy' of the others who are doing the swap 
[some people put a TON of work into their swap pieces...]
I bought this little 99c note card holder in the school supply section to carry them in so I won't worry about them getting lost or bent up. 
I'll be sure and post photos of the ones I swap for as well! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

I've loved ADORNit for years!

And I often say how much I admire Carolee and her creative abilities [and 6th sense, I think] to stay one step ahead of creative trends. Their product lines continue to grow and offer the cutest things around! I loved visiting with her and her girls back in 2009 during the ‘warehouse tour’ that was tagged on to CKU-Provo.
They were the most gracious hosts and gave us a mini-tour of their creative process [and of course, offered us scrapbook junkies a mega sale to shop as well!] 
ALL THAT to say – when I heard she was doing a little e open house stop in Franklin TN
I knew I had to go up and say hello! 
So glad my sweet sister went along – I had a wonderful time JUST BEING TOGETHER –
So fun, in fact, that I did not take a single photo.
So, DISCLAIMER: this photo is from a while back, and all the others are off the internets –
Carolee’s as gracious as ever and talked with us about their latest creative endeavor –
And I LOVE how they are mixing vintage and modern with a little shabby chic thrown in!
It’s making me think long and hard about pulling out the quilt I started over 30 years ago –
I seriously love these quilts! And their fabric is new, yet looks so vintage [reminded us of some of the flour sacks we used to get from Mrs. Gas, an old family friend...]
go take a look! 
She also had inspirational coloring pages for us to play with a bit – SO FUN.
Perfect for scrapbook pages, or cards, or even framing.
And of course, she had some scrapbook stuff as well
[And you know I had to pick up a few things!]
All in all – a great evening…
Time with my sister and some of my favorite crafty stuff = wonderful!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I’ve been collecting photos / ideas for yard screens

 for a little while now 
I was thinking of putting up a cute one along the front side yard 
to hide some of our ‘stuff’ from the road… 
and then the need for one along our back side yard became a little more important…
 You see, we have new neighbors. 
And they’re good neighbors – 
But they enjoy spending time outside in their own back yard as much as we do – 
and our patios are somehow situated so that if we’re both outside enjoying our own yards 
we can’t keep from looking at each other… 
Not a bad thing, but annoying to me just the same. 
I’m not used to people looking at me
 (even if it is ever so slightly) 
while I’m enjoying a relaxing glass of sugar free decaffeinated tea at the end of the day. 
AND – I don’t enjoy being distracted by their shenanigans
 [whatever it might be] either; 
to be honest – they are NOT annoying -- > they are just THERE. 
And we’ve lived ten + years with an older lady next door 
who was only outside when doing her lawn work…
 All that to say that a screen barrier is awfully important to me right now… 
My first thought was to move the fall sunflowers that grow ten feet high to the outside of the our little fence that keeps EmmaLou safe from the critters – 
these flowers multiply like cRaZy and come back every year 
[and I was SO tired of dealing with them in their previous home – 
We can mow down the excess now instead of having to thin them out year-after-year.] 
So we did that earlier in the spring – I was afraid I’d killed them, 
but they are a hardy lot and are growing beautifully 
[it’ll be interesting to see if they bloom this year – I’ll keep you posted on that one.]
 And then we took down the old patio cover… 
and y’all know I’m always looking for a way to upcycle stuff. 
[We can’t stand to throw anything away around here!] 
So my sweetheart took the old supports and used black cable ties to hook them all together,
[It's hard to tell, but they are turned in opposite directions] securely from top to bottom. 
Then he used some old fence posts to securely hold it in the ground.
I love it.
 But it still wasn’t ENOUGH. Since those sun flowers weren’t growing quick enough 
I needed something to fill the screen… 
I thought a clematis might work – but I bought one and planted it – 
[It’s like the fourth one I’ve bought since we’ve been married that just won’t grow.]
 So, we were down at Lowe’s one day and saw these passion flower vines……………
These are the flowers that grew WILD all over the fields we played in as kids behind our house.
I wanted them, but thought they were a little price-y… 
Then a sweet teacher from the boys’ high school 
[HOW has it been ten years since the oldest graduated?!?!] 
tried to talk us out of buying it saying they’d TAKE OVER our yard… 
Craig bought two. 
Maybe he *is* a little oppositional… ha.
And I’m loving it – 
They’re growing well and we should have a full screen pretty soon – 
And, hello? 
Purple flowers! 
Update: I"ll post  a photo of the sun flowers when they bloom...
And - LOL - 
The neighbors have now planted a THREE evergreens beside their patio area -  

Friday, September 11, 2015


Happy Day to this one --
Our lives changed in such a good way 29 years ago!
 We were SO HAPPY the day you were born - albeit tired after being in the hospital for a couple of weeks and going through 26+ hours of labor --
[And believe me, I counted them down - lol.]
So proud of the young man you've grown up to be!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Three day weekends are always nice...

Hope you had an extra day off and enjoyed relaxing from your labor!
We started the weekend with dinner with friends - 
Always fun to gather 'round a meal and catch up together!
Then we stopped by The Fair [in town] so I could practice taking night-time light photos - Got a little 'tour' coming up later in the month and I want to have at least an idea of what to do with the Big Camera -
And on Saturday we got up early [to beat the heat] and did our traditional Dog Days Flea Market run - and we found a lot of neat stuff - 
But nothing we really NEEDED. So we came home empty-handed. 
Is that a FIRST?!? Ha.
Stopped by Fresh Market and picked up burgers for the grill [bacon cheddar - always good!]
- On Sunday we got up and went to another flea market on the way to see the youngest - and y'all know I'm crazy ---- I picked up these cute little things for $5 - ha. 
Make now mistake - they will be outside cats, just like Pawley - 
I'm allergic, remember? 
But for now, they are inside getting acclimated to house and home.  
I DO LOVE kittens! 
And I love the fact that they'll keep the chipmunk population down in our yard - 
Pawley has gotten a bit lazy in his old age - ha. ]
I need name suggestions!!!
Got to see the youngest's new apartment - It has a TON of character! 
Very Loft -like with HUGE windows and exposed brick.
Including posts in the hallway that are big enough to hang his hammock - fun!
It is a much quieter residence than his other place - 
You hardly know anyone else is in the building!
Love that he is only two blocks from work now. 
We walked over to see their new offices too - 
They moved earlier in the summer and are continuing to expand...
 His office is on one of the top floors of Warehouse Row. 
And it's pretty cool too!
In a month or so, they'll have almost the entire floor for offices.
We walked down to eat at Sugar's Ribs [delish] - and took Uber back - 
We wanted to see how it works - 
So Easy! And Quick! 
Then we drove up to Point Park for a little walk around and to see the view -
[In all of our years going to Chattanooga - we've never been here!]
And a beautiful view it is!
[Craig took this panoramic shot!]
On the way down the mountain we stopped at a little gift shop and 
watched The Incline Railway go past - Fun!
Today has been a lazy day - we're thinking Craig's ear infection may be re-surfacing so he's been resting a quite a bit - we had left over burgers for lunch and plan to see the new Robert Redford movie early in the afternoon.
But for now, it's nice to just have some relaxing time in my own backyard...
And on a much more serious note - please join me in praying for one my sweet cousin and her family - She is closer to my mother's age than to mine - and she had a life-changing stroke this weekend -  It breaks my heart to see her, her son, and sisters go through this...

Friday, September 4, 2015

Frugal Fashion Friday

Again - I'm sharing these posts just to document 
how I pull together outfits with very little money.
I know I'm NOT a model... and
I KNOW I'm no fashionista!
 [In fact, I very rarely buy trendy clothes...
But I do try and dress nice for work - lol.]
-- so, let's see... this outfit consists of a dotted top from Walmart [around $10,]  thrift store pants [$8] and loose shirt [black on black dots - Jones New York - $4.]
It's a cool favorite this summer!
This is a blue on blue striped dress from Old Navy [less than $20]
I love the cut of this dress - and it's so soft too.
It's been another summer staple...
So easy to pull it on with blue sandals...
This is another favorite - a light blue / chambray colored linen dress 
[thrift store - around $8]
I added a larger shirt with tiny anchors all over it 
and striped trim on the cuffs and collar for a jacket look..
[thrift store - around $5.]
This dress was actually a couple of sizes too big so I had to get out the sewing machine and do a few seams to take it up in the shoulders and waist area. 
I love the easy - breezy comfort of this.
And I've worn it quite a bit this summer also - 
Please ignore the hotel bathroom - 
And I've come to realize that if I'm going to keep going with these posts I may really need to invest the time to set up the tri-pod to get a photos a little better than this - ha.